International transport of pharmaceutical products

Most of medical goods, which are sold in Poland are transported to our country from other Europe countries. Poland cooperates in this trade with most of Europe counties. International transport of pharmaceutical products in Europe usually is transported overland. Why? The answer is obvious. Railways, planes or ships often do not have possibility to transport the pharmaceutical products because they are focused on the cheapest solutions. However in case of transport drugs and pharmaceutical products more important than cost is quality of the transport, it means transit under controlled temperature. Not every courier or transport company may transport the medicaments. The truck has to comply with the restrictive requirements due to conditions of transport for pharmaceutical products according to Pharmaceutical Law. The trucks allocated for medicaments transport are equipped with refrigeration systems, heating systems, monitoring of temperature, alerts which inform about over temperature. The construction of truck for medicaments transport is designed to keep required temperature as long as possible.

In pharmaceutical transport the most important issue is security. The modern solutions and IT systems in international transport of pharmaceutical are necessary, because they must ensure adequate security of the transported goods and minimize the risk of quality loss.

The risk is connected with the specificity of the country. In case of transport medicaments under controlled temperature between 2-8 °C exceeding the temperature even for short period of time causes changes in the pharmacological properties of the medicinal product what leads to a serious threat to a person's life or health. The temperature also causes the appearance changes of the medicaments, for example: change of color, shape or texture. That leads to disposal all transported goods and financial losses.

Trust Logistics Sp. z o.o. is aware of these risks and makes efforts to provide that international transport of medicaments takes place in safety way for transported goods and high quality of service for Customers. To minimize the risk in pharmaceutical transport our company uses the solutions for controlling the temperature during pharmaceutical transport. One of the best methods are: on-line temperature monitoring and alert for exceeding the required temperature. Connecting both systems informs us earlier about possibly incorrect process of transport, what let us react and protect transported goods.