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We offer trucks which can carry up to 8, 16, 33 pallets. Trucks are equipped with isothermal containers, chillers, independent heating tonneau, temperature sensors, temperature recorders. In addition, upon request customer of there is a choice of additional options in the form of: sensor opening tonneau, registration humidity monitoring the online and video surveillance.

Our sensors and recorders are certified which means that the values displayed are correct.

Our cars are designed for transporting drugs at 15-25 C and the cold supply chain 2-8 C. Every shipment we deliver have got full report in the print of temperature and humidity. Our trucks have tracking system via GPS, by this option, we are able during each tour to inform you about the current position of the vehicle, the current temperature and the time of delivery.

As the shuttle trucks up to 3.5 tonnes is now the fastest and the cheapest form of transportation, our company has specialized in this kind of transport by small refrigerated. As part of the tender offer dedicated transports, express and partial loads throughout the European Union, and in particular: Portugal, Spain, France, Netherlands, Great Britain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania.


With extensive experience in the storage of pharmaceutical products TRUST Logistics provides services help with createating a pharmaceutical warehouse. We also assist in the validation of the drugs storage system. If you want to equip your store in the storage system monitoring We do it for you.

Every projects We treat individually. Actually appropriate equipment and proper configuration of the system will help you manage your inventory of drugs, even in a remote way.

You create a drug store, consignment warehouse or warehouses? Your store must meet certain requirements of the storage conditions? Call Us.


We treat security charges as a priority. Each truck after loading has been sealed, which helps to avoid suspicion of interference in the cargo space with third parties.

Remote monitoring allows you to track the route via GPS and quickly react to irregularities. The on-line tracking system also allows you to monitor the temperature and humidity of goods, which means that not only ensures the driver temperature control, but also forwarder is responsible for monitoring.

If it turned out that our system is not sufficient, we secure your goods for a total amount of 1 milion Euro. We have several independent insurance such as OCP, OCS which ensures that in the event of each problems is insured.

In our offer we also have extra cargo insurance.

Transport at controlled temperature

Why the transport of medical products is so important? Are we aware of what kind of goods should be transported under controlled temperature? The answer is obvious for manufacturers, importers, exporters and wholesalers - for everyone in the medicaments' manufacturing operations and supply chain. The pace of development in the pharmaceutical industry is incredibly fast.(Read more...)

Refrigerated transport

Refrigerated transport is connected with all technical measures, organization of keeping and monitoring storage condition, transit and distribution medicaments due to manufacturer's recommendation to protect their durability and effectiveness.(Read more...)

International transport of pharmaceutical products

Most of medical goods, which are sold in Poland are transported to our country from other Europe countries. Poland cooperates in this trade with most of Europe counties. International transport of pharmaceutical products in Europe usually is transported overland. Why? The answer is obvious. Railways, planes or ships often do not have possibility to transport the pharmaceutical products because they are focused on the cheapest solutions. (Read more...)