Refrigerated transport

Refrigerated transport is connected with all technical measures, organization of keeping and monitoring storage condition, transit and distribution medicaments due to manufacturer's recommendation to protect their durability and effectiveness.

Refrigerated transport is the procedure saving constant conditions in which the goods have to be cooled or freezed. According to this, the goods should be under controlled temperature from the manufacture, transit, distribution till to deliver to final consumer. In case the goods do not be under controlled temperature during delivery process, there is a risk of loss of quality the goods.

In refrigerated transport there is a lot of tipping points which can be interrupted due to do not maintain continuity of temperature. The loading, unloading and reloading are the most exposed to interruption of the refrigerated supply chain. That is why these actions should not last longer than 30 minutes. During refrigerated transport the most important is time, in which the goods are outside controlled temperature. Accordingly, our trucks are well-equipped with automatic and electronic systems of temperature monitoring. These systems have sensors of temperature ( measuring error +/- 0,2 %), which alert about exceed controlled temperature what allow us to protect the goods.

Reliability of these systems must be proved by using the adequate qualification procedures.