Transport at controlled temperature

Why the transport of medical products is so important? Are we aware of what kind of goods should be transported under controlled temperature?

The answer is obvious for manufacturers, importers, exporters and wholesalers – for everyone in the medicaments' manufacturing operations and supply chain. The pace of development in the pharmaceutical industry is incredibly fast. The requirements for manufacturers are introduced due to restrictive regulations. Guidelines on Good Distribution Practice of Medicinal Products for Human Use cause that pharmaceutic companies focus on the manufacturing process and distribution audits. Medicinal products require controlled storage and transit conditions in order to ensure that their quality is not compromised. Accordingly the transport of medicaments under controlled temperature is necessary for pharmaceutical industry.

We are aware of all regulations and we provide services of highest standards. We are concentrated on transport of medicaments, that is why controlled temperature during transit is the most important for us. We offer transport under controlled temperature between: 2-8 °C, 8-25 °C, 15-25 °C, 2-25 °C.

Good Distribution Practice – GDP is the most important for us so we guarantee that goods are transported in indefectible way. Accordance with Rule 109 of the Pharmaceutical Law „The tasks of the Pharmaceutical Inspection shall include in particular: (…) controlling the conditions of transport, reloading and storage of medicinal products and medical devices”. We comply with all requirements for transport under controlled temperature so we could be checked at each moment.

How could you check if goods are transported under controlled temperature?

Log into our website, enter your login and password. In this way, all the time you are able to control actual temperature on truck, which one your goods are transported by. Due to providing correct temperature, our trucks are well-equipped with devices to on-line temperature measurement as well as to inform about incorrect transport process.

Apart the on-line possibilities , during loading and unloading, our couriers make the printouts of temperature to provide that Your goods were effectively transported under controlled temperature.